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Eliminate Debt and Create Wealth

Are you struggling to improve your financial situation, but your mountain of debt is holding you back? Turn to the team at ADVANCE AutoPay in Dallas, Texas for guidance. We help you build a financial plan to repair your credit, eliminate your debts, and create wealth for your future. If you utilize our rent payment service and are in need of transportation, a home or auto loan, or simply need to improve your finances, get in touch with us for debt elimination and credit repair assistance.

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Self-Monitored Credit Mediation

By turning to us for credit mediation assistance, you're able to start improving your credit score and finances on your own. Without spending money in order to save money, you will be well on your way to financial freedom. Our knowledgeable staff will examine your bills, budget, and monthly expenditures to evaluate where you can spend less money and start to eliminate your debt. Because this process is self-monitored, we don't charge extra for it.

Providing a Direct Plan for You

Whether you need to improve your credit score or want to establish new credit, we're able to create a direct plan so you can eliminate debt and create wealth. By establishing a good credit score, you can begin building further credit by getting home and auto loans. We work with your budget to help you pay your bills on time, and never allow any bills to go to a collection agency.